iPhone X, new and unlocked, is available for a great price at Walmart

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If you’re looking to buy a great iPhone but don’t want to part with $1,000, the latest deal from Walmart might be just for you! The retail chain is now selling new and unlocked units of the 64GB iPhone X that come with a $35 Total Wireless pre-paid card for $734. 
For comparison, Apple is selling refurbished units for $769 at its own store, while you’ll have to spend $849.99 on a new one at Best Buy or Amazon. In essence, this deal is saving you $116 for Apple’s top 2017 device, making it cheaper than the iPhone XR.
The iPhone X is Apple’s first “all-screen” model. Its standout features include a 5.8-inch Super Retina OLED display, the powerful A11 Bionic chip, Face ID, and an excellent 12MP main dual-camera combo. Feel free to check out our written review for all the details. If this deal interests you, the above link will lead you to the Walmart listing.

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Foresthill Bridge iPhone X drop goes viral

Foresthill Bridge is starring in a viral video that’s attracted millions of views.

The video from England social media and entertainment company LADbible shows an iPhone X being tossed off the highest bridge in California.

The phone ends up hundreds of feet below and is found by the videographers to be beaten up by the hard landing but still working. A video from the iPhone X shows an end-over-end fall that leaves the camera on the phone facing upwards in dry grass pointing toward the bridge.

“The lad wanted to see what would happen if he dropped it off the tallest bridge in California,” the Facebook post from LADbible states. “This iPhone X drop test is unbelievable.”

The video can be viewed at: https://www.facebook.com/LADbible/videos/336115476987629/

The “drop test” was posted Sunday and viewed 2.9 million times.

Comments on the post noted that an iPhone X costs more than 1,000 pounds in Britain.

“Not very smart lads are they?” one comment stated.

“This is the ‘I’m so rich drop test,’” another said.

Another comment noted that with the potential for a battery exploding on impact, the possibility of the stunt sparking a wildland fire was all too real.

Authorities have consistently warned against dropping anything off the bridge, which is located above trails along the north fork American River canyon near Auburn.


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Vice City’ with Full Screen Support for iPhone X and iPad Pro Models – TouchArcade

It’s been a bit sad to see Rockstar Games no longer releasing games on mobile. They used to be good for a touchscreen port of one of their classic games roughly every year, but for the past few years there have been no new releases despite there still being some very good candidates for mobile ports in their back catalog. I guess they’re content swimming in the buckets of money that continue to come in from Grand Theft Auto Online as well as the extremely successful launch of Red Dead Redemption 2, and even though their mobile ports are very well-received and seem to sell a ton of copies I imagine it’s still just small potatoes to them compared to their other business. That said, they haven’t been ignoring their previously released mobile games, and today Grand Theft Auto: Vice City ($4.99) is the latest to receive an update adding in full screen support for the latest iPhone X and iPad Pro models.

While Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas is the biggest of that original PS2-era open-world GTA trilogy, many fans still point out Vice City as their favorite of the three, mostly due to its over-the-top Miami Vice-inspired ’80s stylings and absolutely killer soundtrack. I’d tend to agree. Speaking of San Andreas, Rockstar updated that mobile port with full screen support back in May of last year, and we wondered at the time if the rest of their library would follow. Well, they sure have been taking their sweet time, but that does seem to be the case as about 5 months later they updated Max Payne Mobile with full screen support and it’s been about 4 months since that bringing us to today’s Vice City update.

I’d guess that we’ll be seeing similar updates to one or two of their other games in 2019, and I’m personally really hoping that Bully and Grand Theft Auto: Chinatown Wars are in the mix. If you’re still waiting for your own favorite Rockstar mobile game to get a full screen update, my advice would be to remain patient as it seems like it’ll be coming eventually, and for now definitely dive back into the totally rad world of Vice City with this latest update.

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'Forget Iphone X And The Likes, Invest Wisely' – John Dumelo Cautions

Popular Ghanaian actor, John Dumelo seems to have turned into a motivational speaker overnight as he has been motivating Ghanaians, especially …

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‘All I Want For Val’s Day Is iPhone X’

Princess Shyngle has subtly jabs Ghanaian actor, John Dumelo saying all she wants for this Val’s day is iPhone X.

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John Dumelo in a recent social media post, advised young people to invest in themselves and forget about buying iPhones at the moment. This post from Dumelo has been considered as one of the most motivational messages, but it seems it didn’t go down well with Princess Shyngle.

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In what seems as a rebuttal post, she has replied John Dumelo, saying that she wants someone to sponsor her with an iPhone X this Val’s day.

She wrote, “My phone screen just broke, I need a brand new iPhone X as my valentine present. someone just surprise me ohh”.

See photo here:

Source: www.ghgossip.com

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iPhone 11 Will Not Be Cheaper Than iPhone X

Numerous fans of Apple’s flagship phones are waiting impatiently for the upcoming iPhone 11. However, if recent rumors are right, it might be hard for the company to conquer the market and gain any bigger numbers of new users. Many experts believe that the next gen iPhone will not only be as expensive as its predecessor, iPhone X, but it will also lack any significant upgrades.

The reason behind iPhone 11’s high pricing

According to analysts, the rise in the prices of iPhone is caused by a rather poor performance of Apple’s latest devices on the market. Due to low sales of the latest version of iPhone, users already have to pay around $1,000 for its basic variants.

On the other hand, much better performance sales-wise wouldn’t necessarily mean that iPhones could be less expensive. Some experts reported that iPhone 11 might not have any low-end variants available for users, which means that they will still have to pay a lot of money to get the upcoming iPhone 11.

Experts predict worse sales of iPhones in 2019

Judging by the rumors, Apple might not be fully aware of the impact that high pricing and lack of any significant improvements might have on the iPhone’s upgrade cycle. Some recent researchers analyzed the frequency with which customers purchase new iPhones. According to them, Apple’s policy towards its flagship devices might have a negative impact on their sales in a fiscal 2019.

Last year brought a moderate growth of the iPhone installed base of 9%. This year, however, units can drop drastically by up to 19%, which in turn might force Apple to think about some more serious improvements on its flagship device. Moreover, maybe it is the right time to finally shorten the replacement cycle, which lasts way too long lately.

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Apple fixes Group FaceTime, Apple releases refurbished iPhone X, Apple Pay Rumors, and more – Appleosophy

This week, Holden Satterwhite the CEO and Founder of Appleosophy, talks with Chris Grainger who is one of the co-founders for Appleosophy and serves as the COO on the Appleosophy Executive team. We go into talking about the major FaceTime Bug that was discovered this last week which Apple fixed with the update of iOS 12.1.4. Listen to the full episode to find out what rumors and news there has been this week.

Appleosophy Weekly is the podcast that breaks down the week’s Apple News in a digestible way. Hosted by Appleosophy’s Editorial Team and Podcasts Team, who have in-depth knowledge on Apple and Apple services, including special guests.

You can also listen to Appleosophy Weekly on your favorite podcast platform. We’re currently on Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts, Google Play Music, Stitcher, YouTube, Amazon Alexa, Spotify, and our own website appleosophy.com. Make sure to subscribe on your favorite platforms and tell your friends.

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iPhone 11 to Be as Expensive as iPhone X

iPhone 11 is definitely something Apple’s fans are waiting for, but not much of anybody else. Rumors that it might be as expensive as iPhone X ruined it all – plus the fact that it could also underperform – the thing that we kind of expected, considering its past. There are some analysts who already say that the upgrades of the device are at their worst state.

Why are these devices so expensive?

The sales for the iPhone have shown underperformance and this might be one of the reasons why the iPhone is so expensive. The clients have to pay $1,000 for the basic versions of Apple’s smartphones.

Will this stop the company from raising the price?

Of course, the sales would not stop Apple from implementing the same prices – high prices – to its future devices. There are some reports that show that the iPhone 11 will not have any low-end options available. So if someone wants to get smartphones from Apple, they might want to start saving now.

How will this have an impact on iPhone 11?

This also shows that Apple is underestimating the impact it would have when it comes to the upgrade cycle. Some analysts have already shown how often customers buy new iPhones. This could have a huge impact on the iPhone 11.

Despite the fact that the iPhone installed base grew with 9% last year, experts expect units to be down with 19% in a fiscal 2019, thing that implies a material push-out in the upgrade rates. The replacement cycles are elongating a bit too much lately.


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iPhone 11 Latest News & Update: Device Could Be as Expensive as iPhone X, Could Perform Badly

The iPhone 11 might be something that many of those in the core Apple fanbase is looking forward to, but this is not necessarily the case for everyone else. Thanks to reports flying around that it might be as expensive as the iPhone X, there are now fears that it could underperform. Some analysts are already saying that device upgrades are currently in its worst state.

As BGR reports, sales for the iPhone have been showing an alarming level of underperformance of late, and a huge reason for this is the price. It’s no secret that customers are wary of spending upwards of $1,000 for even the base versions of Apple’s mobile devices. However, it would seem that the Cupertino firm might still apply the same prices to the iPhone 11.

Apple loves having a healthy profit margin with its devices and even lagging iPhone sales won’t stop it from implementing the same expensive prices to its future offers. Some reports indicate that the iPhone 11 will not have any low-end options available. As such, if anyone wants to own the latest mobile devices offered by Apple, they will need to start selling their kidneys now.

This is troublesome because it also indicates that Apple might be underestimating just how huge of an impact this would have with regards to the upgrade cycle. Bernstein analyst, Toni Sacconaghi has already expressed concerns with regards to how often customers buy new iPhones. This could impact iPhone 11 in a major way.

“In our view, the single most important controversy surrounding Apple today is the iPhone replacement cycle – despite the iPhone installed base growing +9% last year, we now expect units to be down -19% in fiscal 2019, implying a material pushout in upgrade rates. Replacement cycles are elongating… a lot,” the analyst recently said.

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The Thinnest Case For iPhone X & iPhone XS is Just $10 Today

Bulky cases don’t fall on everyone’s choice. If you are someone don’t like to put cases on your iPhone but want to protect it against scratches then TORRAS Slim Fit case is just for you. It’s so slim that it feels like it’s not even there. Regularly $18, this case has been dropped to just $10 for a limited time so grab now while it’s on discount.

From the Product Page:

Ultra-thin & Ultra-light: With the ultra slim fit protective iPhone XS case, You will feel nothing on your phone, But it did keep the protection of iPhone X/ XS and give you the excellent grip.

Perfect Fit: This iPhone XS hard case/ iPhone X hard case can fit for your phone perfectly, Easy to install and take off.

Precise cut-outs for easy access and a slightly raised lip to protect screen and camera.

Silky Feel: When you touch the iPhone XS slim case/ iPhone X slim case, you will feel comfortable.Worth to have it.

Lifetime Warranty – from TORRAS to ensure maximum protection for the life of your iPhone X case / iPhone XS case.

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